About Us

Retail Doctor’s clientele includes leading private-sector companies of the textile, apparel and fashion industry.

To serve its prime clientele, Retail Doctor employs a large group of highly qualified international consultants, selected for their in-depth experience within their specialties and for their problem solving skills, creative imagination, psychological maturity, communication abilities and intellectual competence.

Retail Doctor does not offer pre-packaged programs off the shelf as the solution to a company’s needs. While methodologies have emerged from our extensive experience, at Retail Doctor we still believe that a company’s problems are unique and have to be solved within their own frame of reference, frequently with the application of several disciplines, using the most advanced techniques, refined competences and thorough knowledge of best practices. Creativity intelligence is a norm which plays a pivotal role in our client success.


Your Retail Doctor is dedicated to being a trusted growth partner, delivering the best possible service and management solutions not only for our clients but for the entire retail fraternity.

Our Mission

Our proud history & our founder being a genius in retail, passion, commitment and expertise drives our company and staff to be an asset for your business. With our can do attitude, we provide the highest level of commitment and focus on the association with our clients.