Our Services

With origins traceable to Pakistan, Retail Doctor, as we know it today, was founded in Karachi, Pakistan in 2016. The Retail Doctor operation soon became a reference point for the Pakistani Retail Apparel Industry and the retail brand community. Work and effort are in progress to have a presence in the form of an International office soon.

Since 2010 with the emphasis on development of shopping malls the boom in the retail industry has been phenomenal. The growth factor gave Retail Doctor an opportunity in providing our extensive local clientele with a wider array of strategy support services including market intelligence, supply chain management, global strategic networking, brand and retail management, Fashion Shows, information technology and Merger & Acquisition assistance.

For over 4 years, Retail Doctor has provided professional management consulting services to several local brands within the style & Fashion Industry.
Retail Doctor operates today with a strong multidisciplinary consulting force.

A long time has passed since Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, our founder, started to identify the need of expert services in the retail industry of Pakistan; nevertheless the spirit of Retail Doctor keeps faith to his founding principles of professionalism, specialization and passion, making our unique organization ideally positioned to support leading industry players and organizations into the dense challenges and opportunities of the future textile and fashion global markets.

It is with this steadfast spirit, a blend of a rich ethical tradition and the intimate understanding of future industry dynamics, that the retail Doctor organization, with its specialized divisions, local presence and overall perspective, will continue to represent a unique management knowledge for the world’s textile, apparel and fashion industry.